Porsche 356 pre A A to 1959 Option Vent Window Pair for Left & Right Rare

  • £1,249.99

Replica of the optional vent windows that were available as an accessory for the Porsche 356 pre A and A coupe models. This rare option combined a supplemental window glass mounted in two chrome brackets. When fixed at the front of the door window these assemblies reduced the draft in the cabin with the window lowered.

The upper pivot is mounted to the outside of the window frame at the front, the base is attached with bolts to the door.

These concours quality replicas have Duro marked glass within thick chromed brass frame pieces. The top pivot bracket, rubber seal, white acrylic spacers and required fixings are included in the kit.

Fitting guides are now shipped with the option vent windows. These are affixed to the doors and act as a template to aid correct positioning of the mounting holes.

Pack quantity: Pair of assemblies with fixings and fitting guides

This kit will be available from January 2021, preorders are accepted.


  • Porsche 356 preA - 1950–1955
  • Porsche 356 A T1 - 1955–1957
  • Porsche 356 A T2 - 1958–1959

Part number equivalents:

  • 644-542-591-.00
  • 644.542.591.00
  • 644 542 591 00
  • 64454259100
  • 644-542-593-00
  • 644.542.593.00
  • 644 542 593 00
  • 64454259300