Polyurethane Suspension Components

The world leader in polyurethane suspension bushes and components

What are the benefits of fitting Polybush?
Not only will these bushes last longer, Polybush's provide improved control due to consistent steering geometry. These bushes offer responsive steering, better road handling and due to the correct suspension alignment will increase tyre life.

Why do they last longer?
Polybush material is not affected by oil, petrol or water and is extremely resistant to abrasion. These bushes retain their original state and do not suffer from compression set in the same way as rubber or cheaper injection moulded polyurethane bushes meaning that in normal use they last up to 6 times longer. The mild steel zinc plated inserts, as used on original equipment bushes, prevent galvanic corrosion and wear to mating parts.

Polybush's are fitted using normal workshop tools and equipment. These bushes are designed to fit in the same way as original equipment bushes. Due to the bushes interference fit no grease is needed, leaving customers with a real fit and forget solution. Where necessary, Polybush use low friction material to ensure free movement of the bush with mating components.

The Company
Polybush, the suspension division of Bonaprene Products Ltd. Bonaprene have 34 years' experience of Polyurethane manufacturing for industry in our purpose built 30,000 sq.ft factory. Bonaprene is a wholly owned family business. They design, manufacture and supply all products from their Wrexham site.