550 Spyder (R) Recreation Complete Running Lights Kit 550.631.05.KIT

  • £329.87

Replica 550 Spyder complete running lights kit, two front turn signal (clear) and two rear tail light (red) lights with light sockets, rubber seals, light bulbs.  Lenses snap fit into the bezel for a secure (no silicone goop) fit.  Between the lens and the bezel is a thin rubber O-ring (see pictures) to add additional weather sealing characteristics.  The bezel and lens then turn and lock into the base and rubber  body gasket for a secure, weather resistant assembly. This set is much better then the similar light set available that required gluing the lenses into the bezels with silicone.  Made with new tooling that results in a proper light set.

Replacement for 550.631.05.KIT.