Porsche 356 Pre A A BT5 Ribbed rubber sheet RHD front floor mat or tunnel trunk

  • £105.00

Replica of rubber sheet used for front mats for right hand drive RHD Porsche 356 Pre A, Porsche 356 A or Porsche 356 B T5. Due to volumes of vehicles made for right hand drive markets Porsche did not fit mats with the same structure as those on left hand drive LHD vehicles until the Porsche 356 B T6.

This ribbed or needlecord rubber sheet was also used for lining the trunk area and for the tunnel mat or rear mats. This rubber sheet is close to the original and the quantity of material supplied is sufficient for either a front mat or for the trunk and tunnel or tunnel and rear mats.

Pack quantity: 120cm x 100cm


  • Porsche 356 preA - 1948–1955
  • Porsche 356 A T1 - 1956–1957
  • Porsche 356 A T2 - 1958–1959
  • Porsche 356 B T5 - 1960–1961