Porsche 356 Venetian Murano Glass by Giorgio Giuman Signed Single Edition 1 of 6

  • £195.00

A great addition to any desk or display cabinet in a limited edition of six ivory glass Porsche 356 sculptures made by Giorgio Guiman, one of the maestros of Venetian Murano glass.

Starting in 1980 the Giorgio Giuman workshop in addition to the traditional Murano glass blowing technique, introduced the then unique to their workshop, lost wax glass casting technique, thus combining the traditional with the innovative.

Thanks to Giorgio’s long technical experience and personal and passionate experimentation, many internationally acclaimed artists, architects and designers, such as Jeff Koons, Jannis Kounellis, Gió Pomodoro, Sabino Ventura, Giovanni Rizzoli and Judi Harvest, Armani CASA, Pomellato, Cusi Gioielli have realised their projects with the Giorgio Giuman workshop.

Each car is unique and individually made using the lost wax sand casting process. These signed and numbered single editions are 12cm long and presented in their own velour pouch and gift packed.

Numbered 1 of 6.